LTC Global Acceleration

Global acceleration drives rapid growth and development worldwide. It fosters collaboration, innovation, and investment across regions, shaping our collective future.

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Goal & Mission

About the program

Our program is for aspiring entrepreneurs who have successfully made their initial sales, achieved profitability in dollar amounts, and are now eager to expand into the global market. LTC Global Acceleration Program's primary objective is to become their main investment partner, attracting the attention of angels investors, and providing comprehensive support throughout the investment journey. Our program participants will receive dedicated assistance in establishing efficient business processes, scaling their operations, networking with like-minded individuals, managing investor relations, and preparing for future investments.

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Tracking and growing follow-up

Development of selected teams, constant tracking of funding, other metrics, help to eliminate risks

Hiring and recruitment support for every team

Support in recruiting new people to the team by founding out the weak points

Individual & Group mentorship

Support by mentors for teams separately or together based on the needs of the teams

Founder Development Bootcamp

Special bootcamps for the founders of selected startups


Professional Mentorship
Technical tool resources
7/24 Co-working
Network opportunities
25.000 AZN Funding
Partnership Boosting
PR support
Legal Support

Take your startup to new heights through our results-driven
Acceleration Program

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Technical Resources for Startups

Amazon Web Services
Mailer Lite
Bizplan account account
Google Suit

Selection Process

Selection Criteria

The batch will be completed in person, with online and physical components, as well as remote-accessible options.
Product Market Fit analysis and Scalability
IT costs
Team and product version planning review(Online)
Azerbaijan and other country base establishment
Tax Review
Legal review(online)
Participating ability at LTC co-working area
Coach ability
Language(fluency in English)
HORECA - tech
Mobile base services
Real estate
Retail tech

Supercharge your startup's growth with our cutting-edge
Acceleration Program.

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About Program

Program Agenda

The batch will be completed in person, with online and physical components, as well as remote-accessible options.
Orientation day
LTC resident registration
Startup Valuation
Defining Mentorship needs
Defining asset needs for startups
Tracking onboard and start input to databases
Mentorship and 1-on-1 sessions
Financial review for Founders
Company Culture and Management methodology building
Mentorship sessions
Individual monthly tracking and feedback with startups
Founder Bootcamp Batch 1
Investment Management workshops for Founders
Group mentorship sessions
1-on-1 mentorship session
Individual and Group meeting with LTC Angel Club members
Founder Bootcamp Batch 2
Group mentorship sessions
1-on-1 mentorship sessions
Tracking and Dataset review
Private DEMO DAY with VC and Angel Clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us If you have any other questions
What is an acceleration program?

An acceleration program is a structured program designed to help startups grow and scale their businesses rapidly. It provides resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to support you in achieving key milestones within a 3-month-timeframe.

What are the key eligibility criterias for the acceleration program?

To be eligible for the acceleration program, startups should have made their first sale, started earning revenue in dollar units, and have ambitions to enter the global market. The program focuses on supporting startups that have reached this initial milestone and are seeking further growth and investment opportunities.

What is the structure of the program? Are there workshops, mentoring sessions, or networking events?

The structure of an acceleration program includes a combination of bootcamp for founders, mentoring sessions, networking events, and milestone-based activities. Startups may participate in educational sessions, receive one-on-one mentoring, attend networking events, and work towards achieving specific goals or milestones set by the program.

Can international startups participate in the program?

Definitely yes! If your startup is eligible for the selection criteria then you can apply.

What happens after the completion of the acceleration program? Is there continued support or follow-up?

After completing the acceleration program, startups can benefit from post-acceleration support for a specified duration, which is typically three months. This support includes investment negotiation assistance to help startups secure additional funding and office support with discounted rates for a certain period. The aim is to ensure a smooth transition for startups as they continue their growth journey beyond the program.

Experience rapid growth and scale your startup through our
Acceleration Program.

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